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burningpageOh, am I bad. Embarrassed myself on the last post about the Twitter Feed. Took the time to sign into twitter — @technosociofile. Now I get that the “Burning The Page” twitter site for Jason Merkoski’s book tweeted twice for me, attractive tweets advertising the released book in my Twitter account, Technosociofile. Where the account revoked came from is a mystery, but all is good, cause I now “get it.” I get why Twitter is awesome and why it’s a good resource for stories. Took me long enough. Sincerely, LMAO. Chalk up my ignorance to my ongoing digital literacy.



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    • Posted April 11, 2013 at 5:00 am
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    Gotta say, I admire you knowing how to work Twitter (even htough you wandered into another site!) – I tried to open an account, when a friend who wanted me to join said ‘No no! Don’t put your full name out there! ‘ – trolls, you know. So daft. Ok so I thought about it & couldn’t change things, so I DO BELIEVE I cancelled the account. Tried again with my other (of only two) email addresses, and my friend tells me “it’s not working – you’re not out there”. I then realise I wouldn’t be named what I thought I would be, but rather ‘noeleen(& what I tried to be)’. Closed that account…
    but apparently not. Now I can’t try making an account in that name as both my username AND my two email addresses “are already in use”. AAAAARRRggh. Don’t know how you do it – & they all say it’s so simple!!

    Cheers (sorry, venting!)

    • Seems Twitter confuses lots of people, not just us. After figuring it out it looks likes it’s pretty powerful, but, since I like to read and write a lot, the time I want to spend on social networks is not much. WordPress is more my style. Sorry about your two email addresses, happened to me a couple times. I’m dyslexic, and things that are easy for other folks just flummox me. And things that other people find difficult can sometimes be easy for me. Thank you for visiting me and taking the time to comment.

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