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It’s a circus this morning. Opened up my digital wallet, BitCoinSpinner. One Bitcoin’s worth $69.11 at this moment.  It dropped like a rock from $266.00. A new sheriff is in town – Ripple backed by Silicon Valley behemoths announced they were releasing into the wild 50 billion coins in May for those who sign up. A new posse is trading up Bitcoins for Ripples this morning, raking gravy from the nerd-famous, volatile currency for drug lords, libertarians, and those who can’t help themselves. Mt. Gox sounds like a biblical place but it’s the Japan based home for a centralized, math-based, coin exchange. Looks like the Winklevoss twins have saved the day or BitCoin currency I should say. The trade slide has stopped for now, the wounds cauterized. Watching the currencies battle it out is like watching a new sport for the new decade — Bitcoin-ball.

Bitcoin has received its most high-profile endorsement yet as the Winklevoss twins, famous for their legal battle with Facebook, reveal they could be the largest holders of the controversial digital currency – just as the bubble bursts and the price plummets.



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    • Posted April 14, 2013 at 1:43 am
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    This is fascinating! I have heard of bitcoin, but about a year ago. I think the context was that it isn’t real & legal tender. Yet, that was disproven.

    I’m sorry it’s dropped from 266. I watched The Social Network when it came out. Loved it. ‘Winklevoss’ doesn’t ring a bell, but I think I know who you mean when you say ‘famous for suing FB’. They weren’t depicted too kindly in that film, but I loved it. Loved it, and was totally backing Zuckerman.

    • You understood what I was saying! That makes me happy. Not too many people have even read about Bitcoin. I never dreamed I’d get an interesting comment about the post. WordPress accepts Bitcoin as payment, btw.

      Yea, the Social Network movie was surprisingly good. I felt bad for the twins public thrashing but knowing a little about how things get done, I doubt Facebook would have happened if purely left up to them. It took an obsessive personality to invent Facebook, then see it through.

      I believe once the W. brothers outed themselves as heavily invested Bitcoin owners that it stabilized Bitcoin at around $100 — since virtual currency is driven in part by the psychology of the market, even though the twins own only 1% of the Bitcoin treasure, but that is impressive at $11,000 million in dollars. Looking forward to other comments from you!

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