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This guy’s book will cost 0.1 Bitcoin or approx. 2700 ripples if you care to convert your hoard to Bitcoin, which is about $11.64 (amirite or amiwrong?) When the book debuts on Amazon June 3, 2013,  it will cost $4.99 on Whisper net. It’s available pre-order on Amazon, only.

If anyone orders this book would you please let me know how easy (difficult) it was to buy the first book w/ Bitcoin.


CHOOSING YOURSELF by James Altucher, James Altucher is an American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, and author. He has founded or cofounded over 20 companies, including Reset Inc. and StockPickr. Wikipedia

Found “Choose Yourself” review in a BUSINESS INSIDER story.


I’ve made money, I’ve lost money. I’ve lost my home/family/friends. I’ve made some of the above back. I’ve gotten really lucky. Several times. With determination I’ll make it stick, and I think you will also.



  1. An aside: when you have a moment check this out: IMO unusual and interesting whether in bits or wood pulp…:

    I may be stupid, but I did not know about these ” tree people” thingies. Once again I see how nature uses the same configurations over and over again for the things she/it/he creates.

    • Thank you for showing me this site. It is quite interesting.

    • Most of us are penniless lately :-). Since I’ve designed books for many years, what I saw when I pulled up those pages was more than most people might have imagined, I saw a beautiful, artistic book. Those pages made me want to see the other one-hundred pages, which of course exist only somewhere in your mind. Too, when first I brought up the pages in Twitter it framed the whole image into a book-like frame, and the effect had a haunting look, a freshness about it that you feel when you see something really good. It was deeply intuitive to combine just that art, those particular photographs, and the story to make art, and to choose black & white photos, to make a portmanteau in several mediums. Have you tried shopping the idea for a book with a mainstream publisher? Mainstream publishing is difficult unless you know someone who knows someone who would look at your work. Maybe look at similar books, note the publisher, and find their website. Or it may be enough to for you to create for all of us to see. That is a good thing, too.

        • veraersilia
        • Posted May 26, 2013 at 1:49 pm
        • Permalink

        You are so kind! I no longer have the energy that is required to do what you mention.
        I had an offer from an Italian e-publisher to do a book but I did not pursue it for lack of psycho-energetic drive. The blog is enough for now. My next post will be # 200 since end of March 2012. It’s like work, but It leaves me free to do as I please…
        I thank you with all my heart , Vera

      • You are welcome. Not surprised that you had an e-publisher want to work with you. You are right 200 posts is like work.

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