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Monthly Archives: November 2014

What does dead.phpYou have to do with Oprah? That was my first thought when I read the SMS in the wee hours of the morning, at least early enough that my feet hadn’t hit the tile. I hear a Hel-lo, two-beat beep, expecting an SMS from maybe family, but get this quizzical phishing request? It’s a text from Yahoo mail sent via iPhone. Any comments on whether my early morning missive is harmful or not?

Can read about it in the new Oprah book.

Can read about it in the new Oprah’s book. Alana

Loaded up new Firefox 33.1.1. browser. Twitter would connect but the page would show only files, and reddit wouldn’t connect at all. The CMOS Battery was/is dead in the old HP laptop. Internet timeĀ  and date was wrong. This is what it looked it like. Got a laugh from the message that said it contains a date in the future. After I adjusted the time and date Firefox connected to both reddit and Twitter, just fine. Chrome browser didn’t have a problem with the wrong time and date. Google and Gmail connected also, with the incorrect time.

Twitter problem Capture

reddit secure connection problem Capture