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Speedometer blurred

Blurred Politics

Do I live in the US of America, still, or are we the previous US of America, and the present Homelandia of America? Do I live in the Land of the Free or do I live in a geopolitical ideal, the Homeland? Who am I? American or Homelandian? Am I to believe in the Land of the Free, still, in the land of a noble idea, abstract, complex and enduring; or am I to cling to the artificial construct thrown up, haphazardly, after 9/11 – the Homeland?

Isn’t homeland a Nazi word? How can I feel pride in that? Isn’t homeland a self-referential name claimed by nearly every nation state at the beginning of nearly every imperialist undertaking? How can I not feel shame? For that matter, how can our European neighbors not shudder?

Who redefined me? Did I fall asleep and agree to be redefined? When exactly were we renamed the “Homeland?” Or maybe I and others like me were not asleep, maybe it was an assumption made by our leaders made when we were shocked and awed.

Is it within one person’s power to change a name, to remove it from our stationery, our websites, our consciousness? If that were so I would remove the name Homeland from our nation’s collective experience, and I’d do it before breakfast, today. It is harmful. It labels us as a nation of sheep grazing in a predefined geopolitical pasture.

After 9/11 we were redefined as a geopolitical blob redrawn forever on NSA maps to include Canada, Mexico, and Central America, to name a few, a map strategized by a failed war under dubious motives, a war followed by a similar militaristic, corporatist, administration running a shadow government – this time by a president that I thought would put Abraham Lincoln on notice as one of the greatest presidents of the United States of America.

So, yes, I’m disappointed, but in the meantime, I want our name back. I want to sweep the legislative cobwebs away, I want to take back our name and reputation. I want to stop allowing the US of America to be labeled a chunk of land with a people who need contained like an enemy. I want the US to be known as the Land of the Free again.

I’m not a Jeffersonian; I’m not an ism; I’m not much of a Democrat or Republican any more; I’m not a Libertarian or Socialist or any label; I am an American who despises the name Homeland, who cringes at it’s incarnation in print or speech.

I want to ask that we legislate the abolition of this hateful, Nazi word from our national consciousness and vocabulary. I want the word homeland to never be capitalized again in a sentence bearing our nation’s reputation. Sunset the name Homeland. Set the world aright again. We are a nation where the people still hold influence. Exercise it. We cannot be both the Land of the Free and the Homeland. It’s just schizophrenic.