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Monthly Archives: June 2015


Finished the book THE MARTIAN: A NOVEL by Andy Weir. It’s a tinkerer’s love letter to space exploration written by a space nerd. Read most of it today. It’s the kind of a book that gives vision to the exploration of outer space. It was so real that it felt like it was happening, now, for real. I hope more books come along that work from vision – positive vision, rather than the apocalyptic, obligatory, stale crap written in the last few years. (Excluding Neale Stephenson’s blowing up of the moon, which was awesome,  provocative and imaginative in SEVENEVES)! I hope visionary books about space travel are a refreshing trend. Judging from the 7000 excited reviews, it might just be. The Martian was a pure pleasure to read. Thank you Amazon for recommending this amazing book.This review is from: The Martian: A Novel (Kindle Edition